Undeveloped World War II Film Discovered

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Antique Tintype

Tintype was in it’s heyday in the 1860’s and 1870’s.  Here’s a few videos about the very complex process of capturing and developing a tintype photograph.


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Agnes Marie – Lazaretto Creek – Tybee Island


Last spring I headed out to Lazaretto Creek with the goal of lining up the sunset over the marsh.  It didn’t work out as well as I had hoped with a storm off to the west, but it did provide for some good light.  I moved on to the public fishing pier, past the colony of feral cats and the make shift houses built for them by some locals.  The sand gnats were in full force, but I managed to get some photos of Agnes Marie, one of the many shrimp boats lining the waterways of the islands around Savannah.

Months later I came across an article about the Agnes Marie and her captain in the Savannah Morning News.  Below is an excerpt and a link to the story.

“I was there in Shallotte, N.C., in 1978 when the Agnes Marie was built. W.G. named her for his wife and daughter.

“She’s a wooden boat, with white cedar ribs, deck planks of tongue-and-groove pine and cypress sheathing for the hull. W.G. always said that a steel boat sits in the water. A fiberglass boat sits on the water. But a wooden boat sits with the water.”

J.B. says Captain W.G. became like a father to him and set a good example in many ways. He refused offers to run drugs. He refused to profit from the Mariel boatlift. He paid his crew honestly for their hard work.

SavannahNow.com – Looking for Pearls: At the wheel of the Agnes Marie

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